You are recently engaged and have just begun your search for your personal wedding style and your dream wedding dress.Congratulations! Guess what? Contrary to popular television shows, it's not that difficult to find your wedding dress among the hundreds of wedding dresses offered. Laura sat down for a few minutes to answer questions from brides.

 Q: When do I need to buy my wedding dress?
 A:  When you find the one!  Don't procrastinate since the wedding dress is one of the key design      elements that sets the tone for your wedding.

 Q: How long does it take for my wedding dress to come in?
 A:  Each wedding dress designer is unique on their production time, complexity of the gown may also  be a factor.  So you will want to make your decision quickly to to give ample time for your dress to  arrive and ample time for proper alterations.

 Q: How long does it take for bridesmaid dresses to come in?
 A: Once you have all the measurements and the deposit, it gennerally takes 14 weeks.

 Q: Should I bring in magazine photos of dresses I like?
 A:  Bring in whatever you like if you have decided on the look you want, otherwise we can help  develop your style.

Q: What should I bring to my appointment?
A:  A good attitude!  If you have a long line strapless bra and Spanx®, bring them if you like.

Q: Who should come with my when I select my wedding dress?
A:  The decision maker.  Please limit to no more than two for your own enjoyment.

Q: Why don't you have all your wedding dress designers and dresses listed on your website?
A:  I want your look to be unique.  I have been styling brides for over 20 years, I listen to you, work with your body type and help you select a look that is perfect for you.  Too many brides focus on a dress that looks great in an ad or on someone else without taking your personal style, taste and budget in mind.  I post real brides who I have dressed so you can see how their look suited them, and I look forward to helping you find your look for your unique and special day.

 Q: Does every bride have that "feeling"?
 A:  No.  All brides are unique in their emotions.  However, everyone will tell you that you will,  which creates much disallusionment. 

 Q: How many fittings will I have once my dress arrives?
 A:  On the average, 3 fittings, depending on the complexity of the gown, could be more.
 Q: Do I need an appointment to try on wedding dresses?

 A:  You will definitely want to reserve your personal time to make sure you get the best service  available.  You pick the level service you want.
 Q: How long do appointments last?
 A:  It will depend on the level of service you  reserve.  It can be 1 to 2 hours.

 Q: What is your price range of your wedding dresses?A:  There is a huge range depending on the type of wedding you are having.  However, the majority  of our gowns range $2,000-$8,000, however, many destination wedding dresses may be less.  Just let me know your budget, my goal is to  stay true to that number. The majority of our wedding dresses are made of finer fabrics and are made in America, so we are not the cheapest place in town, "Simply the Best"-for you! 

Q: What size are your sample dresses?
A:  Most samples sizes sent by designers are 8 or 10.  Your size will be ordered based  on your measurements.

Q: Do you do alterations? A:  Your level of service chosen will determine alterations, as you are not required to have alterations done here. We do have our own in-house alterations, which I personally help oversee to assure the proper fit is achieved.

Q: Can you help style my bridesmaid's looks?
A:  Definitely, but only after you have selected your wedding dress. We are the only store in Kansas City to carry Monique Lhuillier bridesmaids.